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This is a collection of my recipes, what I might be cooking on any particular day, except to the consternation of my family, I don’t often make dessert. My father-in-law, Jack Sassone, provided the name for this cookbook during his weeks in exile in Vicksburg following Hurricane Katrina. Every morning he would ask what we were having on the menu that night at “Café Sassone.”

There are also recipes from friends and relatives. I have included as many recipes as I could from family members, especially those no longer with us, in the hope that they won’t be forgotten.

Many of the photographs in the book are old, some the only known copy, a few from as recently as this summer. Some are copies of photographs that sat underwater for weeks following Katrina, and then soaking for weeks more until we were allowed into the city. I hope that you enjoy the photos, even if you don’t know any of us.

I have selected two charities to support with a portion of the proceeds from this book: the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic and the New Orleans Slow Food Convivium.

The New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic is a grassroots, comprehensive healthcare service created in 1998 to sustain New Orleans musicians, which has expanded its mission beyond healthcare to help local musicians locate resources and housing.

Slow Food USA’s Terra Madre Relief Fund was established immediately after the storm to help Louisiana farmers, fishermen, and food producers integral to the area’s gastronomic and agricultural landscape get producing again. Back in business today are New Orleans institutions such as Angelo Brocato’s Ice Cream and Confectionery, Dooky Chase Restaurant, and the John Gendusa Bakery – originator of the poor boy loaf. Even Patsy the mule got a helping hand so she could return to the city and pull the Roman candy wagon once again. The efforts continue as Slow Food New Orleans helps build a strong new food system, connecting the city’s chefs with area farmers, ensuring a green, new future for the still-struggling city.

Because what would New Orleans be without our food and music?

Denise Broussard Sassone
September 2009

For more information on these charities, you can go to and

I appreciate my brother Ray’s encouragement and assistance in readying this
book for the printer. It was a fun labor of love.

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